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István Ákos Mórocz was for over two decades an academic scientist and neurologist at Harvard, Weizmann and Einstein/Yeshiva and is interested in the way the human brain accomplishes cognitive tasks such as mental calculation. Nowadays he puts all his energy into a startup company called noïsis which shall model from EEG brain data the electrical building blocks cognitive tought processes are made of.
  At the age of twelve, István, or Pisti by his Hungarian nickname, received a Yashica twin-lens reflex camera from his father and began to see the world through the eyes of an observer. Pisti is fascinated by relationships between visual objects which form dialogues that are humorous, graphical, historical, philosophical - or even senseless. Artistic content and human value matter to him, and reflect a photographic style of the mid-20th Century. Primarily an autodidact, he attributes his development as a photographer to the cultural exposure he received from both his parents in his youth. Pisti uses film for image capture, digitizes its content and prints on cotton canvas.

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Yes, I finally decided to do the jump - from silver halide crystals to cool digital pixels ! So, after I have gotten my M10-D, it's now all about making those shiny pics and getting them out here. But first I will need to learn a ton about c2g algorithms ! Gimp's implementation for that is pretty clever I think.

I was once invited to the life TV show "It's all about Arts" at the Boston BNN. Here the video link in MP4 format.

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a little patience... kis türelmet... קצת סבלנות
ein bißchen Geduld... un po' di pazienza...
un peu de patience...

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